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Creating a website, website E-commerce,a blog is a great idea with the best user experience.

You are looking for ways to improve your website user experience in order to rise up your business  model or website.

This topic becomes very critical for all businesses because if you do not have a good user experience automatically most of the end-users or visitors will find difficulty to understand your business goals.

Brief, without website user experience best practices you can’t reach more visitors into your website.

Therefore, in this post, we will cover the essentially elements and how to improve user experience on website.

  • What is User Experience (UX)?
  • Why User Experience is important for your website?
  • Best practices that improve your website User Experience (UX)
website user experience

What is User Experience(UX)?

User experience is the process of designing your website or your product that is useful, easy to use, etc.

In other words, is how you feel when you use everything and interact with it.

Best and good user experience design has many advantages and benefits on your business.

Here are some user experience goals.

  • Users visit your website
  • It helps users into your pages
  • Understand your business goals
  • Find what they want

According to these benefits, you can understand the importance of user experience.

On the other hand, there are many factors you should take care of when you build your business, especially, design of your website.

website user experience


Does your business content, Service, Product has a good quality?


Is your website, website E-commerce or blog easy to use?


does your business satisfy user's needs?


Does your brand desirable by people?


Is your website, blog easily and better navigation?


Can users easily access to your business?


All information’s that you offer of users must be credible in order to make them trust your content.

Why User Experience is important for your business?

No doubt, user experience is important because it helps to satisfy and fulfill user’s needs.

Also, it aims to allow a good user experience that makes it loyal to service or product.

Additionally, when you apply best practices UX web design and UI UX web design on your business you have a great choice to convert users to customers.

Finally, best user experience reaches more and engage the audience.

11 Best practices that improve your website User Experience (UX).

1-Optimization Site Speed

Have you already visit any website or webpage and it takes time to load?

are you try again to visit it? I think No.

for this reason, the optimization of your website is one of the essentially elements to improving user experience on any website.

Actually, most of the users don’t wait for more to load your page, otherwise, they will back to another website and will frustrate the clients.

So, you have to focus on this factor if you struggling to bring more traffic to your audience.

Here are some tools that help you to check is your website loaded quickly or No.

PageSpeed Insights(PSI)is an online tool developed by google which that offers a report on the performance of each page whether desktop and mobile, In addition, it allows some suggestions that help you to improve your page.

google insight test speed website

Pingdom is a tool for monitoring your website performance, especially, website speed test.

pingdom test speed website

You can also test the performance of your website by using a WebPage Test that allows you more information’s about your site, First Bye Time, Keep-alive-Transfer, Compress images, etc.

web page test

There is also another free tool for analyzing your page’s speed test, the advantage of this tool allows you information’s about performance scores and page details of your site.

optimize image gtmetrix

Don’t forget, there are elements plays a big role in speeding your website as a web hosting server.

2.Use Infographics

 Sometimes your content can’t illustrate what you mean and most of users can’t understand your goals, on the other hand, If you using pictures, videos, diagrams that can increase time on site and establish a relationship with users.

So, dazzle your content with multimedia that helps your business to be one from the best UX websites.

3-Website Must Be Responsive and Mobile friendly

If you want to reach more and engage more audience, you should make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, because those factors are very important for each business.

Most of the users using their mobile to connect on the internet,however, if your website does not adapt on the device sizes you will lose many benefits.

So, improving your website’s usability and test it on different screen sizes and mobile devices.

Here is a free extension for testing a website.

Also, you can use search console to test is your website mobile friendly or NO.

website user experience

After the test URL, you will discover is your website Friendly or NO.

mobile friendly

4-Optimize Your Homepage

Your homepage is the first page users will see and will visit, it offers all information about your business, if your homepage very optimized and presents a highly content most of the visitors will understand your services.

On the other hand, if your homepage contains all factors of SEO will be rank on the SERPs.

For this reason, take care of your landing page because is important for you.

You can follow and practices these tips to optimize your homepage.

  • Optimize your homepage title
  • your homepage URL must be short.
  • Create a good meta description and optimize it
  • compress your images and optimize filename and ALT text.
  • Optimize your logo
  • your content should be high quality and optimized
  • Navigation bar must be on the top.
  • Secure your website by adding SSL

5-Use White Space

What is white space?

White space means an empty space between and around the elements of a page.

This factor extremely important in your design, because, makes your content illegible, clean, etc.

Benefits of white space.

  • High visibility
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase comprehension

6-Custom Error 404

error 404

 Are you already custom this error 404?

If the case right else you have to fix this error because your clients when making a search on different pages of your website probably will find a broken link or error on any page, your clients leaving immediately your website.

Brief, you should custom all errors and make sure they work properly in order to level up your user experience.

7-Check your Images is Original and Compress them.

Images are crucial that boost your content, using images facilitates comprehension and Illustrate your thoughts.

You can create your own images and use them on your website.

According to backlinko, any content must be illustrated by pictures, videos, diagrams because it helps visitors to understand your topic.

However, if you don’t compress images your website will load slowly.

 To avoid this problem here are some free tools that you can use to compress them.

  1. ShortPixel
  2. Compress JPEG

8-Your Site Must Be Searchable

In order to help your visitors to find what they need on your website, make sense you have a search bar on your site.

Also, Search bar improving user experience on your website while visitors navigating from page to another page through this factor. 

website user experience

9-Keep your Pages Consistent and Fresh Content

There are many websites has the best content, but that content is not well organized which means there is no coherence between elements, images, content, etc.

So, try to make everything match Heading Sizes, Font choices, Coloring, Buttons, Styles, etc.

Each element should be matched to make your website user experience coherent on your website.

10-Use Motion and Animation

Using motions and animations, they have many benefits on your website, business, blog, etc.

Including animation and motion will help in attracting visitors, especially, if you want to display notifications on your website in order to get the user's attention.

Brief, when you using effective motion and animation, people can share your content, videos, pictures, etc.

11-Use Links on Your Site

Try to use clickable links as possible on your website pages either internal links or outbound

Links because helps to boot user experience.

Also, when you use links you allow users to navigate on different pages as possible and 

This action improving your page rank and website authority.

Additionally, outbound links make users trust in your content and boost your credibility.


             The user experience becomes extremely important for any website.

If you struggling to improve your websites UX, you can practice these tips below.

  • Make your website speed as possible.
  • Include more Infographics on your website
  • Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Optimize landing page
  • organize your website by using white space
  • Custom all pages not found or error 404
  • Create amazing pictures
  • Use Search Bar on your website
  • Insert links on your content

I hope these tips will help to improve your website and will be one from websites with great user experience.

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