best keys of SEO audit report you should respect.

There are many web site suffer from SEO audit report for evaluate the current state of performance and quality, so to resolve and enhance the quality of optimization you should apply an SEO analysis report on your website so let’s get started to understand what means an  SEO.

An SEO audit is a process allows you to evaluate the current state of the website, so to make an SEO audit report on any website you have check three pillars necessary.

On-page analysis (SEO)

You have to focus on the health state of the website.

  • make sure the content is not duplicated.
  • checking Html and sitemaps.
  • checking also file robots.txt
  • optimize title tags and meta descriptions.
  • you should also index all pages of your website.
  • focus absolutely on the content.
  • checking for headers h2-h6 optimization.
  • evaluating additional tags.
  • evaluating the text content.
  • checking for CSS and HTML.

Off-page analysis.

It’s called also « off-site SEO » refers to all actions you have to take external of the website, so you have to check all elements below.

  1. competitors using different tools.
  2. traffic.
  3. domain name.
  • Social media.
  1. check presence on all social networks, for example, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc…
  2. what type of content you post on social networks.
  3. check likes, comments, and shares per post.
  4. evaluate visibility on social networks.
  5. appreciate and expect reactions of visitors on differents posts you already posted.
  • Links.
  1.  a number of backlinks ad compare it with competitors.
  2. is there a blog for links.
  3. a number of domains link linked to your website.

brief, it's necessary to  make a website audit report if you want to rank your web site  among the top queries and get much traffic on your website

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