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You want to explore the best online image compressor that makes your business website speed.

You are going to create an amazing website, online store, business website or blogs.

If you have already one or more websites that help your audience or your customers to visit them in order to benefit from your content.


The question is your website loads faster?

Any visitor comes to your own site to discover your news or your blog post. If you have an amazing website that takes into account all the criteria to make it well optimized.

In other words, is your website user experience (UX) good or Bad?

So, if the case, mostly your audience well come again and again to visit your own site.

Else, they will back to another website to satisfy their needs.

During building your website you have to make sure your website is well optimized and loads faster.

The first step you should take is that image compression and optimization.

Don’t worry, in this guide, I’m going to let you discover the best free online image compressor and optimizer tools that help your compress images and photos for making your website speed up.

online image compressor

Best Free Online Image Compressor & image compress software

  • Tiny PNG
  • ShortPixel
  • JPEG mini
  • JPEG optimizer
  • Compress jpeg

Tiny PNG is a great online compression for image compression and is one of the amazing image compressors.

It very used in the world for optimization images, the process is easy only you need drag and drop your image.

After the processing, it will make your image smaller without losing the quality of your picture that you want to use.

The major advantage of this image compressor online  is that it supports JPEG and PNG image files which that you can compress PNG and jpeg formats.

ShortPixel is an image optimization and an online file compressor that helps you to optimize your website performance, especially, image optimization.

It supports three formats of images are JPEG, PNG, GIF and compress PDF online files that you can optimize.

In addition, your images should have 10 MB as maximum.

You can drag and drop 50 files into ShortPixel for optimization that will make your own website loads quickly.

The major advantage of this online image compressor is that it supports JPEG and PNG    image files which that you can compress PNG and jpeg formats. is a great and powerful online tool for compression and optimization images.

 It helps you to compress and reduce image size in kb without losing any quality which that means no difference between before and after. supports image file formats below.

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG

To clarify, this great online image compressor contains two types of compression are lossless and lossy.

Lossless=>means it keeps the same image quality.

Lossy=>means it reduces image quality.

Keep in mind, supports file that has 10 MB maximum and you have to upload one image simultaneously which means you can’t load unlimited images. is another free online image optimizer.

It lets you compress images online and resize image without losing quality. provides two types for compression images are lossy and lossless like

To compress your images, this online image compressor provides three steps.

  1. Select the source of images
  2. Select optimization mode(Lossy,Lossless,Expert)
  3. Resize your images

After fulfilling these steps, you can easily download your pictures with high quality.

There are two versions of Kraken are free and Premium.

JPEGmini is a photo size compressor that lets you compress your images with JPEG format.

It reduces the size of images and keeps the same quality.

JPEGmini comes with many advantages.

  1. Image Quality
  2. Upload and download images faster
  3. Reduce size with the same quality

JPEGmini rests on one of the best image compress software due to its benefits.

JPEG-Optimizer is one of the top free online tools for compressing and resizing images for your website.

With JPEG-Optimize you can resize image online and compress jpeg to 100kb or resize image in kb.

in addition, it allows you to choose one image no more for compression with level between 0-99 that you want to apply to your image.

The next step is choosing the size of your picture, after that, you can generate a new photo by clicking on the optimize photo button.

Compress JPEG has many advantages compared to another free online image compressor for compression image to jpg or jpeg.

This photo size reducer lets you drag 20 .jpg or 20 .jpeg images after that you can download your compressed images separately or get them all.

Another advantage of Compress JPEG is that it offers you to group them in a ZIP archive.


To sum up, there are many online image compressor that you can use to compress images for your own website or blog in order to make your website loads quickly and improve your website performance, especially, website speed.

this factor is one of the best practices to improve your website user experience and ranking factor for Google.

After our experience, we found the best online photo size compressor tools mentioned above that are very used in the world.

My favorite online image compressor tool is ShortPixel.

If you have any questions about these image compressor software online, don’t hesitate to let it in the comment below and we will appreciate it.

Thanks for telling us about your favorite optimizer tool right now.

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