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You are the owner of the website, online store or blogs and you want to discover the Best SEO trends 2023 and what is the future of SEO?

 I am going to share with you the best effective strategies that will help you to improve your ranking on the SERPs

Brief, if you want to discover the latest SEO trends and techniques in 2023, keep reading!

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seo trends

Top 6 SEO Trends For 2023 you need to know

Here are the best trends and tips SEO in 2023 that you should master and practice for your website to stand out your website ranking and drive massive traffic to it.

Trend N1: Focus On Voice Search & Optimize Your Website for It

The best way to rank higher on Google is by creating unique content that should be valuable and helpful for users.

On the other hand, your content should be optimized for users in the first steps which means when you are creating content you should take into account the users in the first step because google tends to satisfy users as well.

In 2023, most users become using the voice search to get a request from any search engines, no matter search engines either Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The unique thing you should focus on is that the majority of users use their search query to get results that helpful for them.

Therefore, that means they use long-tail phrases, for this reason, you have to optimize your content for long phrases instead of using keywords.

There is another thing that grabs our attention is the featured snippet.

This factor is extremely important for you and most SEO experts insist and advise to use it.

Let us take an example to clarify.

As you see above, there are two things play the biggest role for google to understand your content very well are tables and unordered list.

So, make sure you are using them into your content to organize it and do not forget to create unique content that adds value to users and reply to their needs.

Voice Search is one of the most important SEO trends and news for this year (2023).

Trend N2: Focus On Mobile First & Rich Snippets

Mobile-first and rich snippets are two important ranking factors for Google and the biggest SEO trends in 2023 that most SEO experts focus on it.


Let us break down into each one of them.

1) Mobile First

If you want to rank higher on the SERPs, your website should be mobile-friendly.


Because the majority of users using their mobile to get results and this factor helps google to return the best results for users.

In addition, Google prefers the websites mobile friendly and access to them as the first choice and the best websites to get results.

So, if your business is not more mobile-friendly, make sure to do that.

Use Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

mobile friendly test-seo trends

Type in your website URL and click on the  Test URL.

mobile friendly

2) Rich Snippets

Maybe your website does not stand out on the search engine result pages and does not get more clicks.

If you do not use the rich snippets, I think it is the solution for you.

Rich snippets are the advantage secret for SEO and help to improve your business visibility, especially for mobile devices and so important for voice search.

Here is an example.

rich snippets

As you see above in the picture, Rich Snippets provide many advantages such as reviews, NAP(Number, phone, and Adress) of your business or your company.

Also, Google likes websites that are using Rich snippets because it is the rank factor for them.

So, if you do not do it, make sure to implement rich snippets for your business and that will help you to stand out your business and increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Trend N3: Create Unique Content & Helpful

Most of the bloggers use other techniques to promote their content such as run Ads in order to attract more clicks and visitors.

However, they do not know the content is the king.

If you focus on one thing that will help you to make people engage with you, be sure, you do not need other techniques to rank higher well on Google or building backlinks

The actionable thing is amazing content.

Our advice is to create valuable content and will be interesting for users.

On the other hand, dazzle your page content with infographics and videos that will illustrate your ideas and help users to consume more time on your website.

So, use more videos, create amazing content that replies to the needs, and require users if you want to improve your ranking.

Do not forget to focus on these SEO current trends because it is the most important for search engines and visitors.

Trend N4: Good User Experience (UX) & Technical SEO

1) User Experience(UX)

ux-seo trends
Image by William Iven from Pixabay

UX becomes one of the best ranking factors of SEO that any search engines focus on when their spiders select the best results on the SERPs switch the user query.

Keep in mind, if your website does not provide a good user experience; be sure this factor hurts your ranking.

So, make sure your website loads very speed and fast, use white space, and it contains a box searchable that helps users to make any search on your website.

You should practice many metrics for better UX.

Dive Dipper:

Here is an ultimate guide about the best practices to enhance user experience (UX).

Another factor that plays a big role in SEO is Technical SEO.

Let us dive in.

2) Technical SEO

Technical SEO plays the biggest role for your website because it helps search engines to do many tasks for your business, for example, crawl and index your pages, check and fix sitemap structure and many other things.

Try to fix all broken links, you check them by using Google Search Console or this chrome extension.

This guide about technical SEO will help you to take an overview of all the techniques you need to practice.

To sum up, UX and Technical SEO are a huge topic in 2023 to rank well on Google.

Dive Dipper:

If you want more details about it, look at how to make an SEO audit report for the website and the best free SEO audit tools for auditing and monitoring websites.

Trend N5: Focus On BERT Algorithm

BERT is an algorithm update by Google that focuses on the intent of users, especially, search queries.

In other words, Google tends to present the best content for its users, which means, if you want to rank higher on the search engine results pages, you should take into account these factors before publishing your content.

  • Amazing content
  • Relevant content
  • Content that answers on the user queries

In addition to that, according to the SEO experts popular, Google will check websites based on YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) and EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) metrics.

Here are some things you should take into account during the creation of the content.

  1. Provide your target audience with the content that answers on their needs and queries
  2. Avoid stuffing the keyword and keyword density and focus on readability and context of the content.
  3. Use long-tail keywords that are optimized for the search voice

Therefore, BERT is another SEO trend 2023  that you should keep in the head.

Trend N6: Your Website Should Be Speed

 If your website loads slowly, be sure you will lose more visitors.


Any user visits any website find pages loads slowly, they will back to other websites.

This factor will affect your website ranking because the bounce rate will increase and time on site will decrease.

For this reason, make sure your website speed and your current page score is good.

You can use PageSpeedInsights to check your current pages sore.

There are also other resources to use:

Dive Dipper:

Trend N7: Use FAQ-Schema

What Means FAQ Schema?

FAQ means frequently asked questions. That means you can collect a list of questions that people ask for and implement them on a single page or product page, etc.

Why FAQ Schema Important For You?

It helps you to drive more traffic to your website and attract more clicks.

In other words, it may allow you to increase your CTR website.

To clarify, here is an example of it.

faq-schema-seo trends 2020

How to Implement FAQ Schema?

There are two methods that you can use to implement it.JSON-LD or Microdata.

Dive Dipper:


Brief, 6 important 2023 SEO trends you need to know and you should extremely practice.

  • Voice search
  • Mobile-Friendly & Rich Snippets
  • Create an amazing content
  • Focus on UX & Technical SEO
  • BERT
  • Site Speed

Therefore, I think these SEO tips 2023  will help you to enhance your ranking and take the first position on the SERPs

Let me know if you have any questions about these SEO trends 2023.

Leave me a comment and what do you think about that?

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