Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

 A social media marketing strategy becomes extremely necessary for your business.

If you want to get more traffic and awareness to your brand.

first of all, you have to build and focus on social media marketing strategy in order to improve your domain authority, page authority, search engines, identify your goals, engage your audiences, etc

There are many platforms specially in social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

Also, there are many steps you can take to build a great social media marketing strategy 2020 for your business.

In short, in this article, you will learn what are the best and right platforms you should use to grow your brand through social media marketing business.

How to Build Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

1-Identify Business Goals

After you are going to create and set up your social media.Firstly, you have to determine all goals related to your business.

But,there are many common goals related to each social media marketing.

  • Increase in traffic.
  • Promote and improve your brand awareness.
  • Reach and improve the audience.
  • Drive traffic into your website or business.
  • Increase online sites.
  • Which platforms will serve your brand?
  • Define your target audience

to clarify,when you determine and fix your goals that related to your business, the next step will be easy to choose which platforms you will take to create your pages on different social media marketing.

Identify your goals for your brand will facilitate to take the right platforms for your business.

Keep in mind, your goals and choices should be SMART :

  1. Specific.
  2. Measurable.
  3. Attainable.
  4. Relevant.
  5. Time-bound.

2-Analyze All Social Media Marketing.

make an analyze or an audit on different social media marketing very important for you, because when you get a report analysis that gives you some features or advantages and disadvantages of each social network.

For this reason, it’s easy to take action and decide which great platforms will serve your brand based on your goals.

to sum up, analyze an audit of all social media marketing is an important step you should take.

3-Determine Your Audience.

There are many tactics that you can use to study and analyze your audience.

Based on these tactics you will be able to choose the right audience for your business.

Here are some elements that you have to focus on them.


each business need a strategy or a plan before taking any action, in other words,

After target your audience that probably will convert into customers.

Firstly, try to study them based on their behaviors, connect with them, try to detect all things that they like, which platforms they spend their time.

B-Connect with them.

This tactic is best for you, but, before connecting with them, you should already have knowledge about your brand, services, and products.

You can send them emails which that gives them an overview of what you are doing and what they like.

Also, you can schedule some emails or posts that remember them of all their needs and their preferences.


you can develop your social media networking by connecting with your consumers across an answer on their questions and their feedback.

So, you can detect what type of content they consume, what kind of type the product or service they like, their habits, what are the different sites they interest and what are the blogs they following.

As you will improve your organic traffic and brand especially your traffic and organic search.

4-Determine Social Media Channels

after finish all steps above properly, now, you have to determine what are the right platforms you will set up as your social media pages.

Choosing the top social media channels based on your analysis and your audience and what are the social networks they like to use.

But, choosing the platforms based also on your goals and what are your services.


        If you have a business is B2B(business to business) so LinkedIn is the best platform for you.


There is also another factor that you have to take into consideration, after choosing the best platforms for you to make an analysis of your competitors.

Here are the most social media channels used in worldwide.

Social Media Channel Description
You can use it, if your business focus on wide audience,advertissements,pictures,posts,videos.
this social network for share videos,pictures.
This platform serves to share post jobs,company news,etc.

5-Set up your Social Media Accounts

After you finish and master all steps below, now you have to create news accounts for all your platforms that you have chosen.

All these platforms are free to setup new account as account personal after setup a page for your business.

An example of  free accounts.


Social Media Marketing Strategy


Linkedin Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here are all the links of all social media channels that you will need.

after you will finish set up of your account, after that, you can set up all pages for your business.

6-Create Schedule Social Media Posts.

Social media scheduling helps your business to be attractive and updated with time.

So, you can schedule social media platforms posts in order to share content, images, videos, etc.

This strategy is one of the best strategies that you can use in order to grow your business and make customers and followers interest in your pages.

There are many free tools that you can use for media scheduling.

  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Tailwind
  5. CoSchedule
  6. AgoraPulse
  7. Sendible

7-Promote Your Social Media Channels.

As you know, promoting your social media channels is the best way that you should focus in order to grow your following and helps them to see your posts.

There are many places that you can focus to promote your social media channels.

Here are some places to use.


  you can add share buttons on your website so your organic traffic can easily find your channels media.


  you can set up your emails on different pages of your social media exactly, in the footer.

Social Advertisements:

 This strategy used by most marketers and business, the core of this strategy is to run ads to get more traffic and audience.

Add Share Buttons:

 Share buttons help to share your posts, videos, etc.

So, add share buttons on your posts this tactic helps you to get more traffic.

8-Measure Results.

There are metrics and criteria that you can use to measure the performance of your social media channels.

  • Likes: number of likes of your social media audience.
  • Reach: also the number of people seeing your posts.
  • Engagements: the number of likes, shares and comments your posts.
  • Clicks: number of times your posts are clicked on:

So, based on these metrics you test the performance of your pages.

9-Run Ads on Social Media.

The benefit of all these social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter) is advertising that means you can run ads of each platform if you are looking to grow your business and get more traffic.

It’s not necessary to run ads on these platforms but depends on your goals and level of scale of your business.

Currently, most businesses run ads in order to reach and engage their brand.

    For example Facebook:

  1. Choose your campaign objective.
  2. select your target audience and placement.
  3. Choose your budget and schedule.
  4. Create your Ads.

Conclusion: Social Media Marketing Strategy

as a result, Social media marketing strategy is very important for each business because it helps you drive the audience into your business and improve your brand.

In short, the advantages of using social media platforms to get more reach and engagement.

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