best email marketing services

Email Marketing becomes extremely and critical for small businesses to push them in the right way, especially, if you work with the best email marketing services.

You struggling to improve your business ranking and improve your online store.

in other words, if you are searching for the best email marketing software that helps you to improve your visibility and your brand awareness.

Brief, in this article, we will cover the best email marketing tools and what are the best email marketing examples that are very used in the world and the features of each service.

So, let us take an overview of these services.

  1. Constant Contact =>Best Email Service Provider
  2. Sendinblue=> Bulk Email Marketing Services for Beginners
  3. Drip=>Best Email Marketing Automation Tool
  4. Convertkit=> Email Tool for beginners
  5. Aweber=>Small Business Email Marketing Solutions
  6. iContact=> Best all in one Marketing Automation Suite
  7. Get Response=>Email Marketing and Automation
best email marketing services

Why you Should Choose the best email marketing Service?

Actually, Email Marketing is one of the best tactics that you should focus on and use to improve your business visibility and your online store.

Especially, for small businesses, because it helps them to enhance and build their relationships with the audience.

when you pick the best service, you will have many possibilities such as build an email list, establish relationships with customers, send newsletters, control and manage your emails.

Keep in mind, the success of your email marketing depends on the email marketing service that you will choose.


Because this tool provides features, and benefits that will make you manage your messages and you will know who emails are clicked and opened.

To clarify, choose the best email marketing service that will add many advantages and benefits for your business.

Here’s a list of the best email marketing services for small businesses that you can use to improve your online business

Definition and Features

Sendinblue is a great tool that provides small businesses to create email campaigns and one of the best email marketing service providers for building relationships with your subscribers.

Firstly, this solution includes awesome features for your campaign such as:

  • Transactional emails
  • Automation emails
  • Tracking emails
  • Create workflow
  • Contact management
  • SMS Marketing
  • Facebook ad management
  • CRM
  • And more

Sendinblue is a free tool for everyone that you can use it to send less than 300 emails per day.

Secondly, to discover more about Sendinblue, Let us discover deeply about it is benefits.

Benefits of Sendinblue


This amazing tool provides businesses to create newsletters and the best content for their audience. In addition, it offers customizable templates that allow you to use only drag and drop.

Email Automation

 It offers customers to send a massive list of emails and SMS and monitor your emails, which that means you can know who clicks and open your emails.

There are other advantages offered by Sendinblue.

  • You can send a special offer
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Send newsletters
  • And much more

Optimization Emails

This software includes another advantage for their customers is which allows you to optimize your emails which means you can choose the best time to deliver your messages.

Build Dynamic List

This software offers you to build and grow a list of contacts. You can also update your existing list, and you have the possibility to instance a new list and segment it based on their preferences.

Email Scheduling

Choosing the best time to deliver your messages is very important for any business.

By using Sendinblue you have the possibility to choose the optimal time the send your list of messages.


You can track your contacts in real-time and get a report and statistics about the performance email list.

Ecommerce integrations

If you have an online store or eCommerce website, this amazing platform integrates with several platforms, for example, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, etc.

So, there are other benefits of this amazing solution that you can profit after sign up.

   Maybe you want to discover more details about SendinBlue.

Definition and Features

Get Response is an online tool and best platform for campaign management.

It helps you to build a strong and massive subscriber list.

In addition, it offers you to build attractive newsletters and landing pages in order to manage your email list.

Shortly, the main advantage of this tool is that it offers and provides customer relationship management, landing pages, and great hosting.

By using this amazing tool, you can exploit many features such as build your mailing list, create and send newsletters, create videos emails.

In addition to that, Get Response provides autoresponders that let you automate your emails to your subscribers and monitoring your results such as.

  • Click-Through Rate
  • Reporting
  • Open emails
  • and much more

The main keys and benefits of Get Response

  • You have the possibility to grow and host your email database
  • Best email templates
  • Good autoresponder
  • It includes social sharing tools
  • Responsive email designs
  • It allows you to analyze your statistics and get reporting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Etc
Definition and Features

Constant Contact is one of the best cloud-hosted marketing solutions for small businesses.

It includes many features such as.

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Mobile optimized templates
  • Customization templates
  • Targeted campaign
  • Packed by tools that help you to generate more sales

Constant Contact email marketing offers many benefits for your small business in order to grow your email list and send newsletters to your subscribers.

Benefits of Constant Contact

Robust email editor

Constant Contact provides a robust email editor that lets you create a list of emails.

That means you can choose and customize your preferred template and your own image in order to design and customize your email that is adapted for any device.

Certainly, there is Another advantage of Constant Contact is that you can only drag and drop elements that offer many features in order to include your brand name and your messages.


Likewise, Constant Contact provides many options for businesses that are specialized in e-commerce.

In other words, this software provides e-commerce tools that help to grow and improve the visibility of your online store and make it generate more leads and sales.

So, there are many keys provided by this software like segmentation and automated emails, these factors are extremely essential for you because they help you to engage with your contacts and customers.

Email tracking & reporting tools

Another benefit of this software is that you can be tracking your emails which means you know who is clicking, opening and sharing your emails.

Also, you have the possibility to generate a report about your performance emails and make a plan for the next emails.

Customer support

When you decide to purchase any service you should know some information about customer support.

If customer support is good you can purchase this service because it will help you to discover and resolve some problems that are related to your business.

This software provides a good customer because they offer phone and live chat in real-time, video tutorials and developer resources.

Additionally, There is also another advantage of this software like manage events and tools that help you to get more sales.

Definition and Features

iContact is a great business solution for small businesses that packed with many features as CRM functionalities, amazing tools for email marketing, best tools for tracking your emails, segmentation and other features like landing page creation and social media posting.

In addition, this great solution offers a great team for their customers, which means you can contact their team any time if you have any requests or resolve your problems.

Therefore, iContact is an amazing solution for small and mid-sized businesses because it offers many features that allow you to grow and shine your business.

iContact Benefits

It offers many advantages and benefits for small businesses.

  • Emai automation
  • Landing pages
  • You can also manage your email campaigns
  • Best customer support
  • Manage sales
  • And much more
Definition and Features

Aweber is one of the best platforms for email marketing that include many features like autoresponders,

it provides more benefits for small businesses to automate and personalized emails and send messages to customers.

In addition, you can also schedule your emails for any time in order to make the clients helpful and comfortable.

Besides, there is another advantage of Aweber is that provides a great support team for email marketing that is packed with knowledge and effective information.

Definition and Features

ConvertKit is an email marketing software that is provided for bloggers, podcasters, and businesses many features to grow their business through email marketing.

If you will choose this tool as your service provider for email marketing, you will benefit many advantages such as:

  • you will have the ability to automate your emails with drag-drop email sequences
  • create a workflow automation
  • advanced landing pages templates
  • build and grow your email subscriber list
  • you can also custom opt-in forms depends on your needs
  • it gives you the possibility to create responsive opt-in forms

  • you can create a call to action for each post
  • custom CSS
  • plan and schedule you emails
  • custom landing pages that you can add some options like patterns, colors and more.

  • you have the choice to add automation rules to set up automated workflows
  • blueprints

ConvertKit offers for its visitors a 14-day free trial and the price starts from $ 29/month.

Definition and Features

Drip is the best marketing automation tool for eCommerce business and it one of the best eCommerce email marketing software.

Also, it provides you many advantages for you like build an email address, auto responder emails, plugins, and 3rd-party tools, tracking your customers.

  • you can send a list of email that is personalized to your subscribers
  • you can create visual workflows that help you to design advanced email campaigns

  • another feature of drip is that include custom fields which that means you can custom forms for each subscriber, for example, add first name, last name, location, etc.

To sum up, if you have an eCommerce store or you sell multiple different digital products, the drip is a great choice for you.

Additionally, this great automation tool helps you to track your visitors based on the metrics below.

  • Monitoring visitors
  • You can know visitors who abandoned their cart
  • Discover who the People who clicked and opened your email

Even more, if you have an online store, you will find integrations for WordPress, WooCommerce, and more.

You can also create complex marketing sequences if you sell digital products or other things.

Final Words: Best Email Marketing Services

Basically, you discovered the best email marketing services that are very used in the world by businesses.

Surely, there is the best free email marketing software that you can use like Sendinblue that in order to take the first step.

So, if you have a small business or medium business, in my opinion, you should extremely choose the right tool that helps your business to shine and allows you to create relationships with your subscribers.

But, the choose the best email marketing service depends on your needs and the type of your business.

If you want a service that is scalable and suitable for your business switch to your budget and your business needs, sign up with Sendinblue free trial.

What are the best email marketing companies 2020 for us?

In brief, our best services that we are preferred for email marketing are.

  1. Sendinblue=>best email service for beginners
  2. Constant Contact=> best email service provider
  3. ConvertKit=> best email tool for beginners

To conclude,we hope this article will help you to take an overview of the best email marketing services for your business and get an idea about each email marketing tool in order to pick the right email marketing service for your business or your store.

Maybe, you want to discover the best free SEO audit tools for small businesses in 2020.

 If you have any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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