Email Marketing

using email marketing is one of the most effective tools of marketing that you can use to promote your brand awareness,it's one of the best primitive ways to contact your customer.

Email Mareking

Email Marketing Services

Our Services include:

  • Mailing List Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Analytics and Reporting

Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing Services

Autopilot email using email marketing software has several benefits for online marketing.

  • it helps you to keep in contact with your customers and promote your products, services, brand.
  • also it allows you to target more audiences,get a list of emails and improve communication with them.
  • the major advantage of mailing is that helps you to send your messages directly to their inbox and you will have a chance to get more clients.
  •  it allows you to connect in real-time with customers by using automated triggers.In addition,you can reach the right audience.
  • another benefit is that it allows you a software application that will help you measure click-through and conversion rates.Therefore,monotoring your maling list​.

      Our Metrics & KPIs

      Webexcept uses different metrics in order to measure your success campaign by using metrics and tools such as:

      Keys to Successful Email List Building

      building a successful email list is critical, here are the good keys you should focus on.

      • Mailing List

        you will need a good email list to contact the maximum possible audience.

      • Content

        before sending email to your customers.Firstly,you should optimize your online subjects in order to make a call action, impressions and more engagement, also, you have to send high-quality content and add value to customers.

      • Timing

        you have to schedule your email list that will make your subscribers feel comfortable and create trust with them.

      • Measure Results

        As a result, you could measure your results by using different metrics such as Click-Through Rate(CTR), Bounce Rate, and Conversion Rate and consequently, you will discover the benefits of this service.

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