Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is a process for making your website ranking on the top of Google, in other words, your pages will be appearing in the first page of google using search engines and that is very important for your brand.

Keep in mind, over 90% of users do not pass page of search results.

Webexcept has unique solutions to relevant search to help your business for higher ranking on search engines like “google”.

Therefore, Our process focus to analyze all aspects linked to your brand as On-page search engine optimization, Off-page search engine optimization, and other factors that rise up your website.

So, Our goal is to practice our process to explore your brand by customers and promote it.

Our Strategy


On-Page SEO is one step of the steps of search engine optimization. This step must be practice on the page of your website in order to improve the search engine ranking, during this factor we apply we look at.

SEO On-page-Seo_
offpage_seo SEO


Off-Page SEO refers to all setting or all activities you need to apply in order to improve and boost your pages in the search engine.

Different methods we include

  • focusing on the high quality of your content.
  • we use social media engagement to get more traffic to your business.
  • we use social bookmarking sites in order to drive traffic to your webpage or business.

  • submitting PR article submission to get more links.
  • we answer different questions and popular blogs in your niche.

  • Create and distribute infographics.
  • we submit guest posts to other websites and blogs.
  • create backlinks pointing on your website.

Agile SEO Methodology

we implementing an SEO agile process that helps to get a higher ranking, efficient, flexible.
our team applies this process to improve your business visibility and promote business.

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