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many developers seek which the best PHP framework will choose to develop their projects from top PHP frameworks, but most of them don’t have a wide vision about which framework will take to create the best web application suit the web application needs, despite, all PHP frameworks are good and fantastic because offer all functionality recently, despite there are some differences between these framework mentioned below, before diving into conclusion here are the technical comparison between the two frameworks, so let’s know some key differences

characteristics of PHP frameworks: Symfony vs Laravel:

As far as these two frameworks have many characteristics.

  • Laravel framework is from the best PHP framework, is unanimously the most popular framework in the world, it is built on several symphony components and provides a simple, clean and human-readable code.

  • PHP laravel includes composer packages that make installation, update and management easier.

  • if you need to build a big and complex system it’s better to choose Symfony.

  • there are some factors on which the performance of the framework depends.

  • Symfony is widely used in financial application development and Laravel used in developing rapid and simple projects.

  • the right framework.

  • Laravel and Symfony are two best PHP frameworks.

  •  Symfony uses the composer to handle packages.

  • in most cases, there is a distinction between Laravel and Symfony depends on migration data into the database, the first uses eloquent but the second utilizes doctrine, moreover these two frameworks similarly as far as implementation of MVC.

  • on top of that, laravel uses views as a template, by contrast, Symfony utilizes twig.

Advantages of Symfony :

Disadvantages of using Symfony:

Advantages of Laravel :

Disadvantages of using Laravel :

When you want to choose a PHP framework you have to focus on the actual functionality of this framework and how this functionality can be used in your own web development process.

Consequently, before choosing any PHP framework, for the first time, you have to analyze the needs of the project, because when you understand requirements of the application, you could know the size of the project, after that you can decide any PHP framework you will use to develop your project .

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