how to compare of front end frameworks for web applications

the successful web developer must be fast, adaptive and reliable in using the best practices to get the work done and works in the latest technologies or front end technologies in the world.

in this post, we will discuss best web development frameworks in 2020, by the way, these web development frameworks are divided into two categories

Front end frameworks

here are the top front end frameworks list below

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework specialized for creating single page web apps(SPAs)and mobile applications are based on MVC architecture pattern, in addition, is a front end framework JavaScript makes you create web pages using components.

The first version of angular is Angular JS and the latest version is Angular 8

Features and advantages of Angular

  • intended for professional applications.
  • easier to set up and based on single-page applications(SPAs).
  • based on approach MVC(Module-View-Controller).
  • make the application very optimize and responsive.
  • build an application for any environment and deployment (for web, mobile web, native mobile, and native desktop).
  • helps the angular developer to understand MVC architecture.
  • sponsored by Google.

Disadvantages of Angular

  • need time to learn documentation, in other words, it takes time to learn.
  • no more community

is a front end framework JavaScript for customs and building user interfaces.

advantages of VueJs.

  • Small size.
  • Easy to understand and develop applications.
  • Simple integration.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Flexibility.
  • Two-way communication.
  • very used for website design by front end developer.

Small size :

  • Depends on its size.
  • no, take time.

Easy to understand and develop applications.

This only reason and advantages of VueJs are easy and make web developers very comfortable to understand the basics and develop a basic web application.


many developers prefer this framework because it facilitates them to integrate with other application or existing application.


Any developers prefer to work with a framework has more details concerning documentation because helps them to develop in a short time their application, on the other hand, allows a test for each example.

Disadvantages of VueJs.

  • restricted community.
  • few jobs offer.

is a front end library developed by Facebook, allows us to create reusable UI components.

Features of ReactJS.

  • JSX :

is JavaScript syntax extension allows us to program some tags as HTML into file JavaScript?

  • Components :

The structure of Reach based on components to build an application and helps to organize data into each component.                               

  • Declarative :

Recently, React creates interactive and dynamic user interface or views that make the application very sophisticated and also for websites, on the other hand, organize your code and make it very readable and easier to detect a bug.

  • Performance :

React includes also one-way data binding with an application architecture as  Flux controls, therefore we can update the view for the user.

 There are many also many features of React you can read all about on documentation if you want to improve yourself.

Advantages of ReactJS

  • based on virtual DOM so helps application to be fast.
  • used on client and server-side as well as with frameworks.
  • includes components improve readability.
  • easy to be a developer react js android.

is a backend framework for build a web application, it’s an open-source PHP framework based on MVC architecture (Model-Vue-Controller)and enables developers to accelerate web application development, in addition, it helps to custom bug and errors to enhance web application, currently, Laravel is the best PHP framework and  the best backend framework 2020.

Features of Laravel.

  • MVC architecture(Model-Vue-Controller).

This architecture helps to organize code of user and make it easy to understand.

  • Security.

every application developed must be secure firstly,else all data about an application will be  vulnerable, for this reason,Laravel is included many things about this aspect, which it uses hashed password  that means the password  will never save as the plain text in a database also framework uses prepared SQL statements that make injection attacks unimaginable.

  • Artisan.

is a tool helps to execute many actions, for example, create a database, read, update and delete data from it, additionally, helps to generate files.

  • Unit-testing.

Laravel uses unit-testing to custom code and optimize it using web artisan.

  • Template or blade.

When talking about template means view makes us create amazing layouts with the best content

  • Migration system for databases.

It facilitates the way to seed all data into the database using tools and commands.

  • Eloquent ORM(Object-Relational-Mapping).

Laravel offers eloquent to facilitate interaction with the database.

Which one is the best?

at first, you can’t decide to choose any front end framework will choose without analyzing requirements and understand the addition, each framework has advantages and disadvantages.

Brief, all 3 frameworks are indispensable and very popular today, so no right answer each framework is best but it’s better to use learn about these three frameworks if you want will be best backend developer and from top front end developers. 

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